You’re Invited: Body Liberation Self Portrait Series

Body liberation self portrait selfie challenge series on Facebook by Lindley Ashline of Sweet Amaranth


“In order to address this outrageous issue [of images we see in the media being altered beyond recognition], we can and must:

(1) Consciously (and repeatedly) acknowledge that photo editing software is heavily relied upon to alter the images we see in media and

(2) counter the prevalence of digital alteration by taking authentic (read: unaltered) images of ourselves.

I’m totally talking about selfies, y’all.” » Jes Baker

Selfies are more than shallow ways to show off. We’re starting a new Body Liberation Self Portraits series over in my Facebook group, and this is your invitation to join us! In this free weekly challenge, we use photos of ourselves to bind our vision of our bodies closer to reality, and learn to see the bodies we have right this moment as worthy of love.

I’ve been running Selfie Saturdays in the group for a while now, and it’s so powerful to see people who’ve never felt comfortable doing so before taking and sharing images of themselves. It’s easy to fall into a rut of taking the same photo over and over, though, and this is an opportunity for us all (me included!) to stretch our body-image wings with a new view of ourselves each week. We’ll also be incorporating our surroundings, our families and our lives to give our bodies context.

I’m running this series in my closed Facebook group so that each of us has a completely private, safe space to explore. We’re starting on Sunday, July 29. Hope to see you there!


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