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Inside the Spring/Summer 2012 Plus-Size Photo Shoot

Join me and plus-size model Cris Caruso inside a photo shoot in historic Savage Mill, MD! These are the spring/summer 2012 collections, Secret Garden and Midsummer Night, for sale now at

Also, don’t forget to enter the First Blossom Necklace giveaway! The drawing is tomorrow!



From Lindley, with Love 2012 Spring/Summer Lines and Giveaway

The jewelry is finished, the models have posed, the photos are taken, and the From Lindley, with Love Spring/Summer 2012 lines are ready to go! Both collections are for sale as of right now, so here’s a preview (and more info on the giveaway, of course)!

First, here are Cris and I in the studio during the shoot, plus the cutest dog ever!


And now the giveaway:

Spring/Summer 2012 Jewelry Giveaway


To celebrate the two new collections, I’m giving away a First Blossom Necklace. Isn’t it lovely? The necklace is listed at $50 and is a circlet of cream glass pearls with a soft pink accent flower and loop closure. You can wear the flower at the side, as shown on model Cris, or in back for a classic pearl necklace. The winner can choose from a 20- or 22-inch necklace.

The rules for the giveaway are a little different than last time. Here’s how to enter:

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Plus-Size Fashion Shoot: Determination Edition

The From Lindley, with Love spring/summer photo shoot went off without a hitch. Well, there were a LOT of hitches beforehand, but it did finally happen.

I’m working on the shoot video now (here’s last year’s video) and will get it up soon. For now, here are some photos from the shoot!


I’d planned to have this shoot at a park, but the pouring rain forecast for the day of the shoot made that a little impractical. I emailed Shelby, our fantastic photographer, a few days beforehand in a panic, and she totally saved the day by finding a studio for us to rent. We didn’t get all the details settled until the morning of the shoot — and we’d already had to postpone it once — so I was a stressed little fat girl for a while there.

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From Lindley, with Love Spring/Summer 2012 Sneak Peek

The photo shoot for my spring/summer 2012 lines is this weekend!! The models this time will be the lovely Cris, who modeled for me last fall, and…me. That’s right, I’m modeling my own pieces this time! This is a pretty big step for someone who, a year ago, wouldn’t even put her own photo up on her blog.

I wrapped up the design work and prototypes for both new lines last night, so I thought I’d share some pics of the work in progress.


Earrings waiting for their hooks. These earrings are based on brass filigree, but since brass is so bad for your earring piercings, I sourced brown niobium earring hooks, which are a bit more expensive, but super hypoallergenic.

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Rebel Rebel at Domino Dollhouse

When you’re trying to find your own unique style, it helps to have plenty of choices available. For plus sizes, until just a few years ago our fashion choices consisted of “baggy” and “uglier.” Yay for the Internet and indie designers!

Designer Tracy Broxterman is helping expand our options with her new plus-size collection at Domino Dollhouse.  The collection combines punk with retro and is a lot edgier than most of the choices available in larger sizes. Broxterman starts sweet, with polka-dotted skirts and yellow dresses, and toughens them up with denim, short lengths, sheers and pure attitude.

Here are some of my favorites from the new line:

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Behind the scenes at Igigi’s "The Art of Fashion in Motion" Shoot

Igigi just released their latest behind-the-scenes photos, and ohh my are they gorgeous. Here are my favorites:

You can see the rest on Igigi’s Facebook page.



Is Torrid’s Business Collection Wearable or Laughable?


Torrid recently released a new lookbook, Get Down to Business, with 10 complete outfits and lots of new pieces for sale. Clothing retailers don’t always have a firm grasp of what constitutes workwear, so let’s take a look at Torrid’s choices.

Here are five of the pieces from Torrid’s lookbook and my thoughts. Would you wear these to the office?

Look 1

Assuming your office allows jeans, this is great. The only catch is wearing that gathered-under-the-bust look with three layers -- jacket, top and cami -- without looking like you're bursting at the seams.

Look 2

Cute! I love the pop of white at the neck. This would be great for an office that allows casual wear (see again: skinny jeans).

Look 3

This is...kind of weird for workwear. Do that many people actually wear leggings to the office? Also, I can't imagine how you'd pull off this sort of color blocking without looking like you were Wearing Random Red Leggings to Work.

Look 4

No. Even if that skirt were office-appropriate in material, it's still insanely short.

Look 5

Yes! This is super cute. It has some visual interest and the skirt hits at a flattering length. It's also totally appropriate for even offices that require full business dress.



How Two Amateur Plus-Size Models Rocked DC

A couple of months ago, I put out a call on Fatshionista for plus-size models for my new business. They responded, and we had the most amazing photo shoot!


I opened my new web store this week: jewelry designed just for plus-size women! (And yes — international shipping!!) And it all depended on these photos, so I’m ecstatic with how they turned out.


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Just a Little Peek

Here’s a little preview of my model shots, featuring model Cris Caruso. What do you think?




Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Shoot

Model shoot at the National Gallery of Art

On October 9, a wedding photographer, two amateur models and I headed to the National Gallery of Art in downtown Washington, DC, to shoot the two lines of jewelry I’m launching on November 1. Here’s an inside look at how a model shoot works!


First, here’s model SJ talking about her experience as a first-time plus-size model:





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