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A Netflix for plus-size clothing?!

Hi, lovelies! Spring is sooooooo close I can feel it. It’s still gray and cold here every day. I loved what a friend said on Facebook the other day: “March, you are drunk. Go home.” But the mini daffodils and narcissus in my front flowerbeds are blooming, and the cherry blossoms are out, and hopefully it will feel like spring soon.


I can’t wait to pull out my fun summer clothes and be WARM! There’s a vintage black travel trunk* in my living room that holds my out-of-season clothes and – thanks to the latest northern Virginia clothing swap – it’s full of new stuff I can’t wait to try out.

Speaking of trying things out, ohmygod I have to tell you! I found a Netflix for plus-size clothing! Really! It’s a site called Gwynnie Bee.** You pay a monthly fee and choose from a pretty wide range of good-quality pieces and add them to your “closet.” They send you selections from your closet and you keep them as long as you want.

Yeah, they’re essentially second-hand clothes, but I’m pretty impressed by their FAQ. They check everything for wear and tear before they send it out, and if you accidentally spill on a piece or snag it, they’ll take care of it. Shipping is free both ways and works just like Netflix DVDs.

The monthly fees aren’t super cheap, but it’s mostly higher-end designer clothing, so if you use the service to add fresh things to your wardrobe rather than buying new stuff it may work out better financially.

So I signed up and will be reporting to you lovelies on how it goes!

Also, some jewelry news: I’m working on my independent shop for a while, so I’m currently adding listings to my From Lindley, with Love Etsy shop instead. I’m adding all the pretty spring-themed items first to celebrate the impending warmer weather, as well as some sale and clearance pieces.

*Sounds kind of glamorous, right? I bought it at a Goodwill for $30 to use as a combination storage chest/desk in my first dorm room. I never thought it would be a trendy conversation piece years later!

**Yes, that is a referral link. If you sign up for a free trial and eventually become a paying customer, I’ll receive a free month of service.

Inside the Spring/Summer 2012 Plus-Size Photo Shoot

Join me and plus-size model Cris Caruso inside a photo shoot in historic Savage Mill, MD! These are the spring/summer 2012 collections, Secret Garden and Midsummer Night, for sale now at

Also, don’t forget to enter the First Blossom Necklace giveaway! The drawing is tomorrow!



From Lindley, with Love 2012 Spring/Summer Lines and Giveaway

The jewelry is finished, the models have posed, the photos are taken, and the From Lindley, with Love Spring/Summer 2012 lines are ready to go! Both collections are for sale as of right now, so here’s a preview (and more info on the giveaway, of course)!

First, here are Cris and I in the studio during the shoot, plus the cutest dog ever!


And now the giveaway:

Spring/Summer 2012 Jewelry Giveaway


To celebrate the two new collections, I’m giving away a First Blossom Necklace. Isn’t it lovely? The necklace is listed at $50 and is a circlet of cream glass pearls with a soft pink accent flower and loop closure. You can wear the flower at the side, as shown on model Cris, or in back for a classic pearl necklace. The winner can choose from a 20- or 22-inch necklace.

The rules for the giveaway are a little different than last time. Here’s how to enter:

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Plus-Size Fashion Shoot: Determination Edition

The From Lindley, with Love spring/summer photo shoot went off without a hitch. Well, there were a LOT of hitches beforehand, but it did finally happen.

I’m working on the shoot video now (here’s last year’s video) and will get it up soon. For now, here are some photos from the shoot!


I’d planned to have this shoot at a park, but the pouring rain forecast for the day of the shoot made that a little impractical. I emailed Shelby, our fantastic photographer, a few days beforehand in a panic, and she totally saved the day by finding a studio for us to rent. We didn’t get all the details settled until the morning of the shoot — and we’d already had to postpone it once — so I was a stressed little fat girl for a while there.

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From Lindley, with Love Spring/Summer 2012 Sneak Peek

The photo shoot for my spring/summer 2012 lines is this weekend!! The models this time will be the lovely Cris, who modeled for me last fall, and…me. That’s right, I’m modeling my own pieces this time! This is a pretty big step for someone who, a year ago, wouldn’t even put her own photo up on her blog.

I wrapped up the design work and prototypes for both new lines last night, so I thought I’d share some pics of the work in progress.


Earrings waiting for their hooks. These earrings are based on brass filigree, but since brass is so bad for your earring piercings, I sourced brown niobium earring hooks, which are a bit more expensive, but super hypoallergenic.

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16 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Plus-Size Sweetie

Red Crochet Heart - Gift Idea or Wedding Favour

(Red Crochet Heart, $4.50, AllSoCute on Etsy)

Let’s face it: Buying someone a present is hard. Especially someone you’re dating and don’t know well, but want to impress. It’s even more challenging when that significant someone doesn’t fit the standard size range at the local lingerie store.

Here are 16 great gift ideas for your plus-size sweetheart.



Sexy Red hand knit scarf. Multicolor, hand knit, womens scarf. Personalized Design. Neckwarmer, scarflette...

Silk Hairbow, Deep Fuchsia and Black Floral Hair Clip in Gothic Romance

ScreenClip Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance

Certified Diamond Custom Vine Work Bezel Set in WhiteGold

Daffodil Dress in Bamboo - Made To Measure

OPI 2011 Miss Universe collection 4pc set Full size




1. Modern Cameo: Anatomical Heart, $34, From Lindley with Love. 2. Tignanello Soft Cinch Tote, $108, eBags. 3. Jessica Burlesque Corset, made to measure, $82, Loki’s Romance on Etsy. 4. Handknit mesh scarf, $31, WomanStyleStore on Etsy. 5. Silk kanzashi hairclip, $31, PetalMix on Etsy. 6. Double row faux garnet necklace, $30, Lane Bryant. 7. Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance*, $12, Amazon. 8. Custom diamond vine ring, $1,870, WroughtGold on Etsy. 9. Enchanted Necklace, $74, From Lindley with Love. 10. Etienne Aigner Ashleigh Satchel, $72, eBags. 11. Gift certificates for made-to-measure apparel, $75-200, Ureshii on Etsy. 12. OPI 2011 Miss Universe collection, $24, Amazon. 13. Patent croc tab belt, $27, Lane Bryant. 14. Full Moon Earrings, $31, From Lindley with Love. 15. Bisadora Runway Baby Belle Handbag, $24, eBags. 16. Online gift card, $25-500, Igigi.

Happy shopping!





*Full disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Clicking on them gives me a very small percentage of each sale and helps keep the lights on.

What do you want to wear?

Swarovski crystal-embedded pearls

I’m starting work on my spring plus-size jewelry lines! (You can see what’s already for sale here, of course!) Here’s what I’ve got in mind so far:

  • Vintage Swarovski crystal
  • Classic pearl necklaces in white, dove gray, pale pink
  • Chunky bangles

What would you like to see and love to wear? Want more bracelets? Necklaces? Rings? Let me know! Your input will directly affect what I design, so have at it in the comments.