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Outfit of the Day: Ladybug


Top and belt: Torrid. Jeggings and cami: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Croft and Barrow (Kohls).

Is it just me, or does every single plus-size top have insane cleavage? I don’t mind breaking the girls out for effect now and then, but really now.

I’m getting used to wearing a cami underneath, though it seems so silly when designers could just…actually design for larger bodies. At least with this outfit I got to add one more pop of red, though!



Outfit of the Day: I Feel Like an Extra in an 80s Movie

Outfit of the Day: I Feel Like an Extra in an 80s Movie

Top: Double Take
Belt: Torrid
Skirt: Kiyonna
Teggings: Redress NYC
Boots: Kelly & Katie
Earrings and bracelet: Sweet Amaranth

Hot pink? Generally not my thing. If it’s too close to my face it washes me out, and I just don’t feel attracted to the neons. So this was a fun change of pace.

The skirt is from Kiyonna. I “borrowed” it through GwynnieBee* — that reminds me, I did a video I need to post here! — so I got to try it out without committing.

The skirt is just as bright as it looks in the photo, but having it on the bottom kept it from being completely overwhelming. The fabric is soft and comfy, and feels well made.

It was a bit loose on me, so I spent a lot of time through the work day adjusting it and tucking it back under the skirt. I probably wouldn’t go a size down, but if I had bought it I’d have had it taken in just a bit.

Outfit of the Day: I Feel Like an Extra in an 80s Movie

Close-up of the earrings – I didn’t have any hot pink earrings, so I whipped up some simple ones that morning. The round bead is vintage moonglow Lucite, and the others are Swarovski crystal.

Outfit of the Day: I Feel Like an Extra in an 80s Movie

Cropped jacket: Lane Bryant

The office I work in is cold and I knew I’d need an extra layer, so here’s how I actually left the house. Which version do you like better?

*This is an affiliate link; if you happen to sign up and buy something, I get credit. It helps keep the lights on.

Outfit of the Day: Eye Dress (Two Ways)


Dress: Jones New York. Necklace: Torrid. Shoes: Skechers.

You know those pieces of clothing you try on on a whim, but they actually work? This was one of those. It’s the first dress I’ve ever tried with a Really Big Pattern, and I’m actually pretty happy with it.

The dress itself came via Gwynnie Bee, so I didn’t keep it, but it was fun to wear and I got a ton of compliments at the office!

The weather was really changeable while I had it, and one day I wore it was warm and the other cold – so below is the cold-weather version.


Dress: Jones New York. Necklace: Torrid. Shoes: Doc Martens. Tights: We Love Colors.



Outfit of the Day: Best Top Ever


Top: Lane Bryant. Jeans: Torrid. Shoes: Croft and Barrow (Kohls). Necklace: From Lindley with Love.

This top came from a clothing swap and it’s really the best thing ever. It’s cute and flattering and polka-dotted, but also soft and super-comfy!


Here’s a closeup of my necklace. It’s made from vintage glass pearls, iolite and Bali sterling silver.



Outfit of the Day: Testing, 1-2-3


We work-from-home writers have a hard life. That 30-foot commute is awfully challenging, and the workwear is so demanding.

Okay, not so much. *laugh* I do still go into the office one day a week, though, so I was testing out this outfit for that. I wanted to see how the wide belt and blazer fit together, and they actually worked pretty well. What do you think? This is also what I look like with no makeup, by the way.

Blazer: Nygard via Dillards
Top: Igigi
Belt: Torrid
Pants: Lane Bryant



Outfit of the Day: Blue and Gray


I’m way behind on posting OOTDs lately. Sorry!

Cami, top and jeans: Lane Bryant
Sandals: Skechers
Necklace: From Lindley, with Love
Purse: BagEnvy

A lot of my OOTDs lately have been really casual, but I think there’s value in sharing casual outfits too. In some ways, dressy outfits are easier to put together: a nice dress stands on its own. Finding outfits that are casual, comfortable and cute is more challenging for me.

When I saw these colorful button-down shirts in Lane Bryant, I really liked them and snagged a couple in different colors. I’m less impressed with them now that they’ve been washed and lost their crisp outlines, but I’m way too lazy to iron clothes – I’d rather handwash, even, than iron – so oh well. They still go well over the LB lace-trimmed camis.



Where to Share Your OOTDs

Your outfits of the day, or OOTDs, serve as a great way to record your fashion choices and progress, but you can also use them to get feedback from others. Here are three good places to share.

Vintage pink


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Haircut of the Moment


I got my hair cut. A month ago. And took a picture of it, which I promptly forgot to post. Oops.

Here it is anyhow.



Use OOTDs to Show Off Your Fashion Sense

The first day you put together a new outfit that truly reflects you, give yourself a hug! Whether you’re wearing it to work, go out or just dance around the house, you’ve done something amazing.

While you’re wearing that awesome outfit, there’s one quick thing you can do that will make a big difference in how you dress: take a picture.

Woman posing in a blue top and skirt, black cardigan, black tights and black shoes (via)

What’s an OOTD?

An Outfit of the Day, or OOTD, is just that: a photograph of what you wore that day.

Taking OOTD photos does several great things for you. OOTDs let you:

  • See your own body regularly
  • See how outfits look on you
  • Get feedback from other fashionistas

How to Capture an OOTD

All you need to start taking OOTDs is an outfit you like, a camera, and a place to take photos. Your cellphone will work fine for now. So will your bathroom mirror.

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Outfit of the Day: Casual Friday

The upside of working from home four days a week is that it’s awesome. The downside is that you have fewer opportunities to wear fun outfits out of the house.

The obvious solution is to wear my out-of-the-house clothes in the house, but I’m lazy and prefer sweats and T-shirts when I’m working at home. I’ll have to work on that.

At any rate, here’s what I wore for my own little casual Friday last week:


That’s the was-running-around-the-house-and-got-warm version. Here’s the sat-back-down-and-got-cold version:


This was also the day I got in my lovely new scarf from Diana Bastine. It’s made of silk bamboo and it’s gorgeous, warm and snuggly and with this beautiful drape so it looks smaller than it is.


Sweater and cami: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Diana Bastine
Necklace: Zebrink on Etsy
Headband: Ulta