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3 Places to Find Plus-Size Denim

Blue jeans seem like one of those things that should be effortless. They should just be there in your closet, fit well all the time and preferably be both cute and comfy. Like everything else in plus-sizes (and clothing in general), there are cheap and ugly jeans and high-fashion, high-priced denim.

Here are three stylish options, from budget savers to splurges.

07 Svoboda Moody Blue Five Pocket Jean, to size 30.


Svoboda is the go-to name in plus-size denim. Pricey, but made in the U.S. and super high quality. A Madison Plus review says, “All of her jeans are perfectly made for a curvy body.  Each silhouette has flattering stitching details and forgiving stretch in every style.”

08.  Baby Phat Gold Embroidered Back Pocket Skinny Jean, to 24.

Baby Phat

Did you know Baby Phat carried plus sizes? I must have missed the memo. They do, and their plus-size jeans are cute, especially if you’re into the skinny-jean trend. BP’s jeans run up to size 26.


Lane Bryant Distinctly Boot jean with Right Fit Technology, to 28.

Lane Bryant

I have to put in a good word here for Lane Bryant‘s Right Fit jeans. I know they don’t work for everyone, and they only fit well for one wear before stretching and sagging and needing to be washed. The yellow Right Fit bootcut jeans work really well for me, though, so I’m still a fan.