SA & Fierce Love Yoga Boudoir Party


Saturday, October 14, 2017 » Snohomish, WA


What if you finally had somewhere to wear that sexy outfit? How about that lingerie you’ve never taken out of the drawer? Break out your finest and most daring and come dance with us!

Join Sweet Amaranth and Fierce Love Yoga for a sizzling evening in Snohomish, WA. Wear your sexiest outfit or your most daring lingerie. Dance your ass off or sing along. Flaunt your bod in a private, safe space full of bodies like yours. And enjoy a customized mini boudoir shoot (with your besties, if you want!) during the event with body positive boudoir photographer Lindley Ashline.

This event is for women and femmes only and is centered on people who identify as plus size or fat.

Monika Kali Thompson of Fierce Love Yoga and I are teaming up to host this event at her private yoga studio in Snohomish, WA. Monika is a fierce, body- and queer-positive badass babe, and I’m super excited to be collaborating with her.

What it Costs


  • All-inclusive admission with makeup touchups, photography, food, drinks and music: $100 ($50 deposit, $50 due on arrival)
  • You get to choose two fully-edited, high-resolution digital photos from your gallery to keep after the event (and can purchase printed photos, photo gifts and more digital images if you like)

SPECIAL BONUS: Get an additional FREE photo for each person you refer!

Choose an additional photo from your gallery for each person you refer!

(You may refer up to three people. Your referral must list you on the pre-session survey, pay their deposit and other payments, and show up to the event. The offer closes when all spaces for this date are filled.)

Good to Know

  • This is an LGBTQIAP+ friendly event. This event is for women and femmes only and is centered on people who identify as plus size or fat.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to a full client guide with details on what to wear, bring, and expect, and how your hair/makeup touchups will work.
  • Your mini boudoir session will take place during the boudoir party and will last 15-20 minutes. Lindley will coach you through beautiful poses designed for non-model bodies.
  • Take advantage of Lindley’s toybox of props and accessories to spice up your shots.
  • You’ll be able to choose two photos from your proofs to keep as fully edited, high-resolution digital prints.
  • Turnaround time on your boudoir photos is approximately 10 business days from event to delivery of proof gallery, and then an additional 5 business days for delivery after you choose your photos.


About Lindley, Your Photographer

Hi there! I’m Lindley, pronounced LIN-lee. I’m a professional photographer who specializes in working with people of all ethnicities and genders, not just the ones whose bodies are likely to be seen in magazines and advertisements. I help women reclaim their gorgeous, their sexy, and their confident with stunning body-positive portrait and boudoir sessions.

I spend a lot of time making my clients comfortable, so this will be the most fun you’ve ever had with a camera around! And I’ll be baring some skin, too, so we’ll all be a little vulnerable + sexy + excited + hawt together.





About Monika, Your Host

Every day I jump out of bed (well I crawl to my coffee, then I jump) excited to do what I do.  Seeing transformation in my student’s practice, bodies, and lives.. hearing from them how yoga has helped them… seeing the light grow in a person… all of these things keep me coming back to this studio with a full heart.

Teaching yoga and holding space for my kick ass students in this beautiful studio is far more than a job to me.  This is my dream, my passion and my healing.  Every day I get to live out my greatest joys. Find your own healing. Come vibe with me.




About Your Makeup Artist

For this event, we’ve recruited some of the area’s best makeup artists to come put the finishing touches on your glamorous mug. We’ll have multiple artists working with clients at once so that no one has to wait too long after their touchups for the event to start. Lindley has personally vetted all the makeup artists attending the event, so rest assured that you’ll have a great experience.






Accessibility & Code of Conduct

There’s a ramp into the building and one step into the bathroom. (No railings on the ramp or at the bathroom.) If a flat surface is helpful for you to park and get inside, please let us known in advance and we’ll reserve a flat parking spot just outside the door for you.

Any refreshments offered will be labeled or have the packaging available, for those with allergens. If you have a particular food or chemical allergy you’d like me to avoid, just let me know at least a week in advance, please.

Since we’ll all be showing lots of skin at this event, here are the measures we’re taking to keep you safe and happy:

  • The studio doors will be locked as soon as the event begins.
  • Windows will be covered or obscured for privacy.
  • You’ll have a private space to duck into if you need a break or some privacy for changes/adjustments.
  • Each makeup artist, staff member and attendee will be required to sign a code of conduct.
  • I (Lindley) and Monika will be available for the entire event to listen, answer questions, support you and resolve any issues immediately. We believe in listening to women, period.