{recommendations} intuitive alchemy


Not long ago, my dear friend Rhonda walked into my house bearing a box under one arm and a mischievous smile. That’s how I found out about Intuitive Alchemy, her new transformational subscription box. I opened the box she’d designed for me and spent the next hour squealing at the contents. More about that in a moment!

The Intuitive Alchemy boxes are delivered monthly, and each one is different. Rhonda says that

“Every month  the box will have a new  theme and  include magical items for you to combine and use together to create transformation and change. It could include items such as:  crystals,  incense,  herbs, candles,  cards,  stones,  talismans,  jewelry, clothing and  more!  In addition, every box will  have a personalized mini-reading  that is chosen specifically for the box recipient.”


The Intuitive Alchemy box Rhonda created for me was centered on the word “Begin,” and each piece had obviously been carefully chosen: a smudging kit with abalone shell, feather, and sage; a pretty sodalite gemstone; a scented candle; a gorgeous card in one of my favorite colors; a personalized reading; and a beautiful mandala stone by artist Sue O’Kieffe.



It’s clear that she’s found her center of joy, and more clear with every monthly box she sends out to subscribers. Darling, I’m so proud of you, and excited to confidently recommend your Intuitive Alchemy subscription to my Sirens. Take a look at the Intuitive Alchemy boxes here.




*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to write this post, but I did receive that particular box for free.