{plus size style} Torrid’s Hello Kitty pajama shorts

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Hi there, I’ve got something a little bit different for you today.

I don’t normally do jammie reviews. But a couple of years ago, I was at Old Navy and I found the cutest little sleep shorts that looked about like this in shape, but they were red plaid. I adored them and I bought them.

I think I wore them twice because they just weren’t built for a plus-size person. They just weren’t. Honestly, they gave me a wedgie every time I bent over or sat down. And so they were super cute but not particularly practical.

So I’ve been looking for another pair that I can wear when I’m out visiting relatives or in a hotel and so on and found these at Torrid.

They’re really silly, hot pink, and they have Hello Kitty on them. I love Hello Kitty and I’m totally not ashamed. So, I’m really liking these. They are a little roomier in the crotch because they’re actually built for plus-size people. So they don’t give me a wedgie every time I move.

They’re really comfortable, they’re really cute and they’re a keeper. Here’s a link to Torrid’s jammie bottoms in stock if you’d like your own!