{plus size style} Torrid skater dress

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Hi, it’s Lindley. And today, I’ve got a dress from Torrid for you.

This is the current season. Let me tell you, Torrid is on fire this year. Every time I go in, I find things that I really, really love, and their skater dresses are totally on point this year.

So here is one of them for you. It’s made of a knobby material that looks like it would actually pick up pretty easily, so you’ll have to be careful with this. But it is fully lined, which is nice, and the material is nice and thick.

Of course, it’s knee-length on me at five foot seven. But I actually think this might be really nice for winter wear too with some long socks or some leggings or something. Because it is nice and thick, it will be warm.

I really like the shape of it. I belted it with a Torrid belt that I got several years ago. So this is what it looks like when it doesn’t have a belt. I like the definition it gives to my waist, so I belted it!

Let me go turn around and give you a full view.
Not much to say about this one other than that that it’s a good solid entry in Torrid’s skater dress line and I will be wearing the crap out of this.

Find the Torrid Textured V-Neck Skater Dress here.