{plus size style} Finesse lace tops

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Hi, it’s Lindley. Today, I have two tops to review for you. They’re both from a brand called Finesse and I bought them on Zulily. I’ve been shopping with them a lot lately — they have a lot of plus sized clothing in there!

At any rate, this is number one. It’s a got a v-neck, and it’s a little bit hard to see because of my bra straps, but the top, the shoulders are just lace. So if showing your bra straps bothers you, this is not for you. But the lace is fairly stretchy and sturdy. So I like it just fine. It does show my bra a tiny bit because my shoulders are narrow and so things always gap under the arms.

But this is a nice little layering piece. Again, if you’re really sensitive about your tummy, you might not like this sort of thing because it’s tight here. But I don’t care so it’s all good.
It’s a keeper. Why not?

And here’s the second top. It’s another basic light number. It’s got a lace strip across the top. It’s got a little more cover. It’s got a little cap sleeve here. And again, the top is all lace, so there’s nothing to cover your bra strap.

The annoying thing on this one is that it has this hanger loose under the lace right at the top of the arm, on top of the shoulder. I’m just going to cut this off of mine and be careful about how I hang it because it’s really annoying and it’s really easily visible under the lace.

Again, this one is tight across the stomach. Avoid this type of top from Finesse if you don’t like it to be snug. I believe I bought the largest size available. And at 22-24, it’s still quite snug. But I like these layering tops. They’re pretty comfortable in hot weather. And this is a keeper too!