{plus size style} Curvy Lily peasant top

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Hi, everybody. This is a top from Curvy Lily. I bought it on Zulily. And it’s a pretty, royal blue peasant top – probably between royal and navy. It’s got some really pretty white embroidery on the front and around the arm holes here on the cuffs, and a little bit of puff sleeves.

As you can see, it’s fairly prone to wrinkling. So, I need to iron it before I actually wear it out. But overall, I’m pretty pleased with this top. The embroidery is nicely done. It’s not printed, it is actual embroidery. The arm holes are a nice size, so they’re comfortable.

Unfortunately, the one drawback about this top is that it was way too small even at a 3x for me. I usually wear a size 22-24 up top. And the 3x was way too tight on my hips, which are normally a 26-28. And so honestly, I took a seam ripper and I just ripped the seam. I haven’t cleaned it up yet, so you might be seeing the little strings in the raggedy edges here. Before I actually wear it out of the house, I’m going to clean up the seams.

But honestly, I really liked it. Zulily now does clothing returns, but I didn’t want to send it back because I really liked it. So I just ripped the seams.

Now, I’m not a clothing DIYer at all and so this was new for me. And really, what I learned is that it was a $15 top. The worst that could happen was that I messed it up. And if I ruined it, it would be a wasted $15.

But I didn’t. I really liked the way it fits now that I’ve ripped the seams. All I have to do is clean it up a little bit and maybe do some fray stop here at the corners where I stopped ripping it and it’s fine!

So the point is that if you buy something and it doesn’t work, alter it, especially if it’s cheap, because the worst that could happen is you waste a few dollars.

So, I think this top is a keeper. I’ll turn around and show you the back.