{plus size style} Buy in America elephant peplum top

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Hi, this is Lindley with another clothing review.

This is a top from a brand called Buy in America that I bought on Zulily. It’s a nice, stretchy peplum top with an Indian-ish elephant print on it. I really like the dark royal blue, which is nice.

The one drawback of this top is that it has a seam right here, which on the model, fell on her (of course) perfectly flat stomach. It fell right at the line of her pants and you didn’t even notice it. I mean, I couldn’t even tell until I received the top that it had this little seam. And the problem, of course, is that it cuts right across one of the widest parts of my body and really draws attention to my stomach.

However, I love the fit of this otherwise. I think it’s nice and flattering. It’s really comfortable. It’s actually going to be really nice in the winter because it’s fairly warm, surprisingly.

Honestly, I really like it. So I don’t care. I’m going to wear it anyhow. I did belt it to draw some attention away from the belly line. But be aware that it does have that and it’s a lot more visible in person than it is in the photo.

So here’s the back of this one. And despite the belly seam, I do think this one is a keeper. xoxo