{plus size portrait} already perfect: Lyndsi

plus size portrait: already perfect - lyndsi

From the moment I met Lyndsi, I knew she’d be a delight. She bubbles over with enthusiasm and energy and life, and it percolates up into her big beautiful smile.

plus size portrait of lyndsi, a curvy full figured woman

On the day we met for her portrait session, it was quite overcast outside — one of the first real “Seattle” days we’ve had this summer. The soft light fell beautifully on her pale skin and made her luminous in the shadows.

plus size portrait of lyndsi, a beautiful curvy plus size woman

After traipsing around through the greenery for a bit, I brought Lyndsi inside and we did a few shots by a window with more of that soft light streaming in.

It’s too rare that we women appreciate the beauty of our own skin. We spread creams on our faces and dab ointments under our eyes and buy the latest formula advertised by a model in a magazine with impossibly perfect skin.

But your skin is yours, no one else’s, and every line and bump and imperfection tells the story of who you are and have been and will be.

a body positive portrait from a seattle plus size photographer

The next time you’re in a room with soft light streaming through a window, try this. Don’t do it under harsh artificial lights. In fact, your car will do nicely on a cloudy day.

Turn your hands over and study the fronts, then the backs. See where the palm lines lead, how the half-moon wrinkles gather around your knuckles, how the soft fine hairs give extra dimension to your wrists.

Grab a hand mirror, or your car’s rearview mirror, and look anew at your face. See how the light curves its way across your cheeks, traces its way along a wrinkle, skips across the scar you got years ago.

You don’t need to erase a single thing. Everything the light shows you is beautiful, all part of your story. You’re already perfect.

lyndsi, a beautiful curvy woman who did some plus size modeling for me in seattle

Thank you for sharing your time and laughter with me, Lyndsi.