{plus size portrait} already perfect: Erin

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plus size portrait: erin, a curvy woman in seattle

Meet the lovely Erin, the master of a thousand faces.

plus size portrait: a beautiful plus size woman

plus size modeling in seattle with erin, who's standing in front of a large industrial truck

Erin helps run a camp on beautiful Vashon Island, not far from Seattle. Part of her job involves storytelling, and you can tell she’s born to it: She has an amazingly expressive face.

a close-up shot of plus size woman erin at a body positive photography shoot

Not only is her smize on point, this woman has a scheming face that’s just the best.

a plus size portrait of curvy woman erin in dramatic light

No getting on her bad side, right?

Working with Erin and watching her beautiful expressions made me think about how little most of us — including me! — use our faces from day to day. We have a narrow range of expression from polite smiles to mild frowns to the rare guffaw. But when was the last time you made a big silly face in public without being embarrassed? When was the last time you let a good day shine out through a joyful smile as you walked the streets of your neighborhood?

What would happen if we all let go and let more of our emotions out in our expressions?

a full figure portrait photo of erin, who has blue and purple hair