{plus size portrait} already perfect: Christina

Christina’s a performer, so she moves with a practiced grace that gives her an air of serene confidence. You can see that confidence in the tilt of her head and each small movement of her fingers and eyes. This is a woman who knows exactly who she is, and it radiates from her.


The day Christina and I met for a shoot, it was dark out. Deep clouds covered the sun, and the day was more suited to curling up with a book than basking in natural light. But the deep shadows and soft edges fit her aura so well, don’t you think?


We all have light that suits us best. Erin shone in bright evening sun. For myself, I love lightly clouded days, when the sun is barely hidden and the light seems everywhere and nowhere. What kind of light makes you feel safe and beautiful? Clear sunny days? Bright mornings? Clouded afternoons? Midnight with moonlight? Starlight alone?