What’s this all about, then?

Hi there! I’m Lindley, pronounced LIN-lee. I’m a body positive portrait photographer in Seattle, WA. As a healthy body image and size acceptance advocate, I’m passionate about helping plus-size women develop a healthy body image and see how beautiful they are right this moment, without guilt or shame or endless dieting.

Where are you located?

I live near scenic Seattle, Washington, in the United States. My boudoir photography radius includes most of the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Vancouver, Port Angeles, and Spokane. I also do traveling sessions — keep an eye on the blog for the next one!

Do you really only work with plus-size women? Why?

The average American woman wears a size 14, but when you look at magazines and websites and Instagram, how many larger women do you see? Women of every size are beautiful, and larger (or curvy, or zaftig, or plus-size, or big, or full figured, or fat) women deserve to be confident and celebrated for their inherent beauty just as much as thinner women.

seattle boudoir photography with Ms. K

How do I know my photos will be flattering and make me look good?

My training in portraiture has included many hours of training specifically on posing and lighting larger and curvier bodies. I’m on the larger end of the plus-size spectrum myself, so I’m also familiar with how a plus-size body feels from the inside. I know how to make you look fabulous.

But I don’t feel beautiful.

Take a look at the boudoir sessions here on the site. With very few exceptions, these women are just like you: in other words, they’re not models and (beyond some inspiration from Tyra) have no modeling experience. With a little hair and makeup assistance and some magic from me, it’s easy to look like your best, beautiful plus-size self.

One of the reasons I’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire first thing is so that I can get to know you in person before the shoot. I’ll get a sense of your personality and appearance, and use that to plan poses specifically for you.

Seattle boudoir photography sessions - photo shoots for plus size, curvy, and full figured women

Pricing and Sessions

How does this work? What’s the process?

You’ll get all the details before your shoot, but here’s the short version:

  1. You book the session that works for you, and I contact you with confirmation and scheduling info
  2. You receive a mini e-course in your email that walks you through what to bring, wear and expect at the shoot
  3. At the shoot, I guide you through flattering poses in a safe and fun environment
  4. We meet for a reveal session where you see yourself in a whole new light

How much do you charge for a portrait session? What are your rates?

Portrait and boudoir sessions start at $149. Your session fee includes:

  • Mini email course before your session on what to wear, expect, and bring
  • 60- or 90-minute boudoir portrait session in a beautiful private home
  • Up to two (60-minute) or three (90-minute) looks
  • Snacks, bottled water, and access to my library of props and accessories
  • Poses customized for your body and personal style
  • Full professional photo retouching on all your photos
  • A private, candlelight reveal session for you (and your sweetie too, if you like!)

My clients spend an average of about $900 total. Want more details? Get more info and I’ll fill you in.

Boudoir photos of plus size women

What kinds of sessions do you offer?

When you select your session date and location, you’ll be able to choose from a 60- or 90-minute session.

What packages do you offer?

It’s a new era, and my products reflect that. Rather than a few inflexible packages that stick you with stuff you don’t want, I help you create a collection that reflects your taste, wants and budget. (There’s also an a la carte option for digital files.)

The products Sweet Amaranth offers include:

  • Beautiful full-sized albums
  • Personalized photo lockets
  • Special mini albums to keep in your purse for a pick-me-up
  • Prints framed in gorgeous reclaimed barnwood
  • Custom, personalized slideshows and iPhone/Android apps
  • Digital photos in high resolution or pre-sized for social media such as Facebook and Twitter

boudoir photography for plus size

Do you have a studio?

I most often work with clients at my home outside Seattle, WA. Alcove House is a beautiful, private space — many of the photos you see here were taken there. I also shoot in other gorgeous homes around the United States.

boudoir photos of plus size women

Clothing, Makeup and Your Portrait Session

How long is a portrait shoot?

Sweet Amaranth boudoir sessions start at 60 minutes, though I recommend the 90-minute session. That’s longer than many portrait photographers’ sessions, but it means we’ll have time to discuss any last-minute clothing questions, make sure you’re comfortable, and have a laid-back session that keeps you feeling safe and beautiful.

What about hair and makeup?

I highly, highly recommend that you have professional hair and makeup done. This is such a special occasion, and it’s a lot more fun to be the center of attention and relax before your shoot than to frantically run around doing your own hair and makeup the morning of your session. You can arrange your own makeup or easily add professional hair and makeup when you reserve your session.

Before your session I’ll give you several looks to choose from, and the makeup artist will help you decide when you arrive if you need a little guidance.

What should I wear for a boudoir session?

The sky is the limit! Seriously. I’ve had clients come in with everything from incredibly intricate outfits with corsets and garters and stockings, to a pretty bra and jeans. If it makes you feel great, it’s a good choice. (And the mini e-course I send you before your session will give you lots more ideas and guide you through choosing the perfect looks.)

Seattle boudoir photography sessions - photo shoots for plus size, curvy, and full figured women

Should I bring a change of clothes? Can I wear more than one outfit?

Yes! The number of outfits we’ll be able to take advantage of depends on the length of your session, but you’re welcome to bring a few options. We’ll also be discussing clothing options beforehand — I’ll guide you through choosing a great outfit.

I’ve never done any modeling. I don’t even like being in front of the camera. How will I know what to do?

Take a look at the boudoir sessions here on the site. With very few exceptions, these women are just like you: in other words, they’re not models and (beyond some inspiration from Tyra) have no modeling experience.

At the shoot, I’ll give you a quick posing lesson and then guide you through each pose. My sessions are planned to be a bit longer than your average shoot specifically so that you have time to relax and enjoy your session.

Being in front of the camera makes me nervous. What if I’m too scared to have my picture taken?

Sweet Amaranth boudoir sessions are built around making you feel comfortable, safe and beautiful. That means you’re supported from the moment your shoot is scheduled:

  • You’ll receive a series of emails leading up to the shoot that let you know exactly what to expect and guide you through preparing to look your best.
  • When you arrive for the shoot, you’ll be greeted with water and a small snack. I’ll also have supplies on hand like makeup blotting paper, a comb and tissues.
  • My makeup artist is female, which helps calm many women and reassure them there’s no “audience”.


Ms. D in a body positive plus size boudoir photo shoot in Seattle

Purchasing and Digital Photos

How much retouching do you do? What if I have a giant zit?

There are two types of retouching generally done for portraits: portrait and commercial beauty.  Portrait retouching focuses on making people look naturally beautiful, while commercial beauty is the type of thing you see in magazines and advertising and features flawless, china-doll perfection.

You can probably tell from the previous paragraph how I’m going to answer this question. Since you’re already gorgeous exactly the way you are, I’ll focus on retouching that removes temporary flaws (like acne) and softens signs of aging.

Can you make me look thinner?

Yes and no.

I do not digitally alter the framework of your body. Instead, I’ll get a sense of your personality and appearance, and use that to plan poses specifically for you.

Take a look at the boudoir sessions here on the site. Every one of these women have been retouched in my signature style (see “How much retouching” above), but none of them have been digitally slimmed down. Trust me as your ally to find the perfect poses to make you look your natural best.

A purple pareo fabric wrap - costume and look inspiration for plus size boudoir

Do I get a CD or DVD of all my photos?

I know the most annoying answer in the world is “It depends,” but really, it depends. You’ll be able to buy some or all of your high-resolution digital photos (also called digital negatives) after the shoot.

What if I don’t want to buy stuff? I just want my digital photos.

You’re welcome to only purchase digital negatives from your shoot. There’s no pressure to buy anything you don’t want.

That said, I do recommend getting prints of your favorite photos from the shoot. Digital photo files are difficult to take care of over long periods of time, so they’re not considered archival quality, whereas professionally-printed photographs will last for many decades.

Can I use my photos on Facebook even if I don’t buy them?

No matter which options you choose for purchasing photos from your shoot, you’ll receive at least some digital photos. You’re welcome to use those on social media sites.

Boudoir photography for plus size women

How long will you keep my photos? Do they ever get deleted?

Photos are kept for five years after your shoot; after that time the files are purged (for sanity, cost, and server space reasons) and cannot be purchased.

Do I have to buy prints through you or can I use my preferred service online?

You can do whichever you prefer! All my clients receive access to a free, private online gallery after their ordering session. The gallery is hooked directly to the same lab that prints the albums and other art products I offer, so you can safely order beautiful high-quality prints in any size you like directly from the gallery.

(For your privacy and the security of your photos, boudoir galleries stay up for a limited amount of time and are password-protected. After that period, the photos are completely removed from the Internet.)

If you’d prefer a DIY approach, your best bet is to purchase the large digital files from your shoot. The files will come with a list of recommended sites online that I recommend for high-quality printing.

What if I decide I want more prints or an album later?

I’m happy to order prints, albums, or art products for you any time for up to five years after your shoot.


Love you more with a plus size boudoir or portrait session