carrying the thread

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Major life transitions can leave you feeling a little adrift in yourself. Too much pressure and you begin wondering who you really are, where you’re going, why — if the change was one you wanted — you even wanted it to begin with.

These times are when it’s so, so important to hold tight to the core of yourself, of the reasons you’re who and where you are. It’s okay to wander as long as you don’t lose that bright red or pink or white thread that connects your head and heart and soul with the future you’re seeking and the past you’re leaving behind. Long nights and whiteouts, it will see you safely through.

But it’s also okay to enjoy the wandering, to reach out a hand to grasp at shining seconds that will form your memories of this great transition when you look back for it.

The shadows the rhododendron makes in your empty, sunlit living room.


The handful of weeds from the yard you plunked into a bottle and then treasured for ten or twelve days till they finally wilted.

The first stone you touched in your new garden.

There is always, always a way

The cards that lifted your spirits in the grocery store on your first week in a new place, that were the first things you placed in your empty apartment and that stayed on the windowsill until they were last to be packed as you left, tucked close to the thread of yourself that made you treasure them to begin with.

What helps you stay connected to your thread while you move through and past transitions?