Hello! I’m Lindley, the owner of Sweet Amaranth, and my business is based on body positive and anti-diet principles. I believe in, and practice, intuitive eating and health at every size (HAES).

The short version: You and your body have value and worth in this moment, the way you currently exist, no matter what size, shape, or state of health you possess. I bring out the beauty in all bodies without seeking to erase, minimize or change them.

If you’re new to these concepts, here are some useful definitions and guides:

What is body positivity?

Body positivity is the concept that all bodies have equal value, no matter their size, shape or weight.

What is health at every size?

“Health At Every Size (HAES, pronounced “hays”) is an approach to well-being. It is rooted in science and evidence-based healthcare, and its tenets have been proven effective in peer-reviewed scientific journals.” Read more >

What is intuitive eating?

“In a nutshell, intuitive eating is about trusting your body’s own signals about what it wants to eat and when. It says that our bodies know best at all times, and that if we only tune in, they will be our guides.” Read more >

Deep Dive Resources

Do I have to be anti-diet to work with you?

Nope! Your body is your business. I’m happy to share my thoughts with you, but neither I nor anyone else get to control what you do with your body but you.

That said, my studio is a body positive space, and I do ask that you not discuss dieting, weight loss or related subjects there. I also ask (and require in your contract) that you not use your Sweet Amaranth photos as “before” or “after” photos related to weight loss.