{body positive quotes} hating your body won’t make you thin

Hating your body won’t make you thin, and being thin won’t make you stop hating your body. People choose to lose weight for many reasons, but they consistently report that weight loss didn’t make them happy. (In fact, body shame … Continued

{plus-size fashion} nautical but nice

Dress: Torrid » Belt: Torrid » Necklace: Personal collection Torrid’s been my faithful companion in this unusually hot summer, with a steady stream of cute dresses. This is the clunkily-named Rockabilly Nautical Skater Tank Dress along with a belt that’s no longer … Continued

{gardening} sweet succulents

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Who doesn’t love tactile, colorful succulents? They’re soft and rounded or adorably prickly, and mercifully hard to kill. These are from Phocas Farms, whose booth we visited at the lavender festival and who had a beautiful selection (and was very helpful … Continued

{plus-size fashion} summer striped maxi

Dress: Torrid » Cami: Lane Bryant » Necklace: Amrita Singh Last October, I packed all my lightweight summery outfits in the bottom of a box, convinced that my upcoming move to dark and chilly Seattle would render them all obsolete. This past … Continued

tansy’s new bed

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Though I love my cat dearly, she’s not exactly what one would call sweet. Or laid-back. If she’s unhappy or stressed, she’ll be quick to let you know. One of the last things she did at our old apartment was … Continued