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This top is the third piece from my first Gwynnie Bee Box. It is by Kiyonna. Kiyonna is a designer that I’ve just started buying from recently. I had thought about getting this top when I actually ordered from them for things to keep. I didn’t get it because I thought it would be very flattering. And I was half right and half wrong.

I do really like it. People have raved about this and I don’t know if I’m that crazy about it. But let me tell you what I think.

Most of the Kiyonna tops that I’ve tried do fit very snuggly on my particular body shape, down the torso through the hips. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s nice to have some fitted stuff. Too many plus-size clothes are like tens. They just bag. But this is nice.

The disadvantage of that is that it hides nothing. It shows every wrinkle and bump and roll. In general, I don’t mind that. But the Kiyonna tops can get a little too snug for flattering.

So I love the lace. It’s teal. It’s lace. Of course, I’m going to like it. The teal is a little bit bright. I think it washes me out, which was one of the reasons I was having to work with the teal. But I think I really like it in purple.

I like the sleeves. I like the lace. I like how snug they are. They’re well-fitted. If you have larger upper arms, then mind that it might not work for you. It might be a little uncomfortable. I also really like the waist across the top.

The part that I don’t like about the shirt is that it does very clearly show the tummy area. I’m not particularly sensitive about my tummy, but I do feel like when the top is that tight, it’s a little unflattering.

So overall, I really like the styling. And in a purple, I might actually be willing to pay for it and keep this. But in the super, super vivid teal that’s kind of washing me out and not super, super flattering, I think I’d pass on it. I don’t think this would be a keeper.