Rock the Dressing Room with 5 Survival Strategies

There are so many amazing plus-size clothing stores online, but at some point you’ll end up in a brick-and-mortar clothing store.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by shopping for clothing in person, and it happens to everyone — large, small, and in between. Thin people have trouble finding clothing they love, too.

Once you know two things — that you really do deserve clothing that fits you well and that you love, and that there are other options for finding those clothes — clothing stores should be a little easier to handle. Here are five strategies to keep in mind as you shop.

1.  Check the size chart first.

Before heading to a brick-and-mortar store, check its website for a size chart to see whether you’ll be able to wear that store’s clothing.

This is especially helpful for in-betweenies — sizes 12 to 18 — who might fit into clothing from both straight- and plus-size stores.

2. Bring a friend.

If walking into a store alone is super intimidating, bring someone along. Any supportive friend will do fine, but it’s more fun if it’s someone who can also wear clothing from that store.

If you find things to try on, ask your friend to give you gentle, practical feedback. {“That looks fabulous, but where would you wear it?”}

3. It’s okay to walk away.

As you shop, keep your style in mind. You don’t have to stick to one style, but you’re not required to buy a piece just because it fits and looks good! 

4. Use the dressing room for a confidence boost.

Oh, man, dressing rooms. Generally tiny and ugly, with grungy floors, drab walls, low lighting, and a number of hanger hooks that’s about two less than you need.

And yet, they can feel like this:

Studio photography setup with bright lights

If you get into the dressing room and panic, use your cell phone and this technique to help.

Young woman smiling confidently at the mirror in a dressing room

“Whenever I go clothes shopping and I find myself not too happy with my reflection or discover the clothes I really like don’t fit, I get my camera out and take a few photos of myself in the mirror instead of letting any negative thoughts creep in.

I took this one yesterday after discovering a dress I fell in love with the moment I saw it didn’t fit me properly around the bust. I did a few silly poses, a few sexy poses and a few happy ones where I smiled as widely as I could and focused on all the things about me and about my body that I like. I came out of the fitting room feeling really positive about myself and how I look instead of brooding over the fact that the dress was too small for me.

I really recommend doing this when going clothes shopping – it’s a great way to chase away any negative thoughts or disappointment if clothes don’t fit!”

5. Save it for later.

Here’s another great use for your cellphone in the dressing room: Take a few photos of yourself trying on clothes you’re unsure about. The next day, take a look at those photos. If you love it, go back and get it.



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