You win some, you lose some


My spring jewelry photo shoot was supposed to be on Sunday, but the makeup artist emailed me in a panic about 1 am this morning. She’d been in North Carolina covering a wedding and was going to drive back Saturday evening, but her car broke down. She’d spent all evening frantically calling possible substitutes, but no one was available on such short notice. Poor girl! I couldn’t possibly be annoyed, she did everything she could.

I’ve spent weeks prepping for the shoot and at first was really reluctant to try to reschedule, especially since the photographer’s next free spot was sometime in May. I’m behind on getting out a spring line as it is! I let my other model, Cris, know there was a crisis, then sat there and thought about whether we should do our own hair and makeup and roll with it, or reschedule, or what.


What I really needed was input from Shelby, the photographer, but I couldn’t get ahold of her. The shoot was scheduled to start at 1 pm, so I figured at 11 am I’d have to make an executive decision. Urgh. I didn’t want to put off doing the shoot, but it seemed like such a waste of money to do hair/makeup without professional help and just hope the photos turned out well. Then again, what’s the point of having a spring line if I can’t launch it till June? And I could always do my normal detail photos and launch without model shots, but…meh.

This is normally where I’d start to freak out, but there wasn’t much I could do till I heard from Shelby, so I managed to stay sort of zen about it all. And just before 11, I did hear from her — phew. She sounded kind of relieved that I’d have to reschedule, since she was apparently under the weather today. But, good news: Her shoot next weekend is probably going to fall through, opening a slot for me! And my other model and the makeup artist are both available that day, so with a little bit of luck it’ll all work out perfectly. (And the extra week will give the hideous hormonal breakout on my face a chance to fade.)


So. Yay for not freaking out, and fingers crossed this second-chance shoot will go on as planned.

Instead, Raymond and I drove to the site of the shoot — Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria — and did some detail shots of the jewelry for the afternoon. My beloved camera has recently decided to declare every battery Totally and Completely Empty five minutes after you put it in, so I ended up having to steal Raymond’s camera for the bulk of the shots. (And then recruited him to hold things for me, kindly giving him something to do. Aren’t I generous?)

I’m still learning this type of photography*, so a lot of the shots didn’t come out, but it’s a good start.












*I’ve been a hobbyist photographer for over ten years now, and have been shooting jewelry for seven or eight years. Photographing small, shiny things well and consistently is a difficult skill to learn, and I’m just now at the point of being competent. Most of the time.

I like shooting with natural light, so a lot of it depends on the time of day and the season (winter sucks for shooting anything in natural light) and the weather that day and what I’m shooting. And every time I go out to shoot I learn something, so there’s really no wasted effort even when things don’t turn out the way I wanted that day.

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