Plus-Size Consignment Finds: Cowboy Hat Edition

Whenever I visit my family in North Carolina, I try to stop in at the local consignment shop, Blooming Deals. It has a pretty healthy plus-size section and I’ve found some cute things there in the past. You have to watch the prices — $15 for a Lane Bryant top is only good if the original price was a lot more — but that’s true at any secondhand shop.

Characters also seem to be drawn to this shop, so you never know what you’ll overhear. On this visit, I learned that short skirts are an abomination. Now you know.

The best find this time: a turquoise cowboy hat. I wouldn’t have ever said before that I was a cowboy hat kind of girl, but this one was too much fun to pass up.


Cowboy hat! Totally a keeper.


This was a Kim Rogers Essentials (no idea who carries that brand) shirt/sweater of the kind that only looks like it’s two layers. I’m not actually crazy about the wee matching belt — it doesn’t add much to the look. Otherwise, it’s well made and fit nicely, so it would make a good work top. Verdict: Keeper.


A vivid pink Croft and Barrow button-down top. It’s fine. It fits, it’s reasonably flattering. I was meh about it in the store, so I didn’t buy it, but looking at the photo, I might go back for it. Should I? Verdict: Dunno.


Lane Bryant top with lace and mesh overlay. Almost everything I saw in the plus-size section this time was from Lane Bryant, Cato or Kohl’s. I’m a sucker for lace tops, and this one has more interest than is really visible in the photo. Verdict: Keeper.


Another Lane Bryant top, a faux wrap style. It’s fine. It fits. I don’t need another top with deep cleavage. Verdict: Left on the rack


Cato Plus skirt in deep brown, with a little ruffle at the hem and a plastic buckle and partial belt that gives a little waist adjustment. It’s okay, but I’m not crazy about the length. Verdict: Left on the rack


In Gear hibiscus top and capri set. This outfit was totally insane, but I had to try it on. Alas, it fell short of “awesomely tacky” into “just plain tacky.” It fit, in that it was reasonably comfortable, but it fit very poorly on my particular body. You can see the fabric sticking out under my arms. Also, fringe. Verdict: Left on the rack with great prejudice



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Hi there! I'm Lindley, a plus-size fatshionista who sings opera and is chief of staff for two spoiled felines. I’m a beauty unmasker, esteem generator and self-acceptance advocate. I also design gorgeous handmade jewelry exclusively for plus sizes.

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  1. louise mcdonald

    You should make a visit to BIG GAL’S BOUTIQUE in Wilmington NC. Great store,…Plus size!! I visit there often!

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