How to Avoid Perfect-Piece Heartbreak

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding the perfect piece of clothing in a store or on a website, only to find the store only carries it in sizes too small for you.

Case in point: This amazing ruffled corset top from City Chic, which was available in every size up to just below the one I needed. Sigh.

Here’s how to avoid losing your fashionable heart to an unattainable item.

Check the Size Range

Before you do any browsing on a particular store’s site, make sure it carries items in your specific size. Many stores let you see only items in your size. Take advantage of this: There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect piece of clothing, only to find its size range stops one size below the one you wear.

The Ultimate Plus-Size Fashion Directory comes in handy here: The stores are listed along with the largest size they carry, so you can check before you visit.

Use Forbidden Fruit for Inspiration

If you do find pieces you love that don’t come in your size, add them to your Pinterest inspiration board or Polyvore creations. You can always keep an eye out for similar items in your size.



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Hi there! I'm Lindley, a plus-size fatshionista who sings opera and is chief of staff for two spoiled felines. I’m a beauty unmasker, esteem generator and self-acceptance advocate. I also design gorgeous handmade jewelry exclusively for plus sizes.

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