How to Survive the Holidays

Ah, the holidays, when picture-perfect families gather around the fireplace as snow gently falls outside. The women of the family, all smiling and attractive, gather in the kitchen, chatting as they cook. Shortly, they’ll carry a grand feast to the table, where perfect, inoffensive small talk will ensue. And on Christmas morning, the cheerful, well-behaved children will tear into their perfect presents with shouts of glee.

What, that’s not what your holidays are like? Yeah, me either.

If your holidays are more like the rest of us who aren’t fictional — you know, a mess — you’re going to love Golda Poretsky’s free teleclass HAES for the Holidays: How To Navigate Food, Family & Fatness Better This Holiday Season.

Golda describes the course as:

Whether you come from a family of constant dieters or one where cleaning your plate is the best way to show love, navigating your way through the holiday season can feel more pressured and stressful than anything else.  In the end, you may find that you’re overeating or undereating just to please members of your family.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have more fun this holiday?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the tools you need so that you can have a really joyous holiday season?

Because I’ve been a mess myself this week, I didn’t get the word out as soon as I wanted. The class starts in, um, two hours. However, Golda is awesome, and she says:

Note: Everyone who registers will receive a link to listen to the recording of the class, so you should still register if you can’t make it live!

So. Go! Register! Listen! Be less stressed out this December!



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