“You have done a miracle. You made me beautiful.”

– Denise, Federal Way, WA

Hiya! I’m Lindley. I help curvy and plus-size women reclaim their gorgeous, their sexy, and their confident with stunning body positive boudoir and lifestyle portrait photography. I specialize in working with people of all sizes, ethnicities and genders, not just the ones whose bodies are likely to be seen in magazines and advertisements.I come from a body positive and fat positive ethical grounding, so I work primarily with folks who live in large bodies, are people of color and/or members of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

Photography sets my soul on fire because through my work, people who don’t see bodies like theirs represented anywhere else get to reclaim their self image. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

The people I work with are taking a stand and refusing to be marginalized or defined by conventional beauty standards. People who are free of self loathing and who have grown in their sense of self so much that they don’t just live their bodies — they celebrate them.

It’s time to celebrate yours. Let’s capture that celebration together.

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Session Experience

I believe every body on the planet is beautiful and worthy just as it exists today. That’s why I’m channeling my 15 years of photography experience into creating stunning portraits of non-mainstream bodies, particularly curvy and full-figured women. I work with people of all sizes, genders, orientations, ability levels, and ethnicities. I have a natural gift for finding the unique beauty in every person and making them feel comfortable, safe and empowered.

This kind of judgment-free approach is extraordinarily rare. In fact, I’m so committed to this approach that unlike most portrait photographers — who do heavy skin retouching and routinely make their clients look thinner by using tricks like the Photoshop ‘liquefy’ tool — the only retouching I do is light skin smoothing, very subtle blemish removal and a few tweaks to make clients’ eyes come alight in the final images.

I believe in representing women as they are today in my photography, while conforming just enough with current “beauty” standards that women using those photos in their personal and professional lives aren’t penalized by existing outside those standards. That means that I might do slightly heavier skin smoothing on a professional headshot than on a personal portrait, but I never remove permanent features like wrinkles or rolls.

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It’s about empowerment

How long has it been since you’ve felt worthy of being seen? of seeing yourself? of being celebrated?

When we work together, you’ll experience an intimate, joyful, honest exploration of your own image. Whether you’re a selfie expert or have spent your life avoiding cameras, we’ll create photographs together that showcase the genuine, honest beauty within you — no matter your size, shape, skin color or orientation.

Boudoir Lifestyle Portraits Small Business

It’s about time

To appreciate the true beauty of you, inside and out.

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