“You have done a miracle. You made me beautiful.”

– Denise, Federal Way, WA


I help curvy and plus-size women reclaim their gorgeous, their sexy, and their confident with stunning boudoir and portrait photography.

The average American woman wears a size 14, but when you look at magazines and websites and Instagram, how many larger women do you see? Women of every size are beautiful, and larger (or curvy, or zaftig, or plus-size, or big, or full figured, or fat) women deserve to be confident and celebrated for their inherent beauty just as much as thinner women.

Feel beautiful and empowered in your body again

Hi there! I’m Lindley, pronounced LIN-lee. I’m a female plus-size boudoir and portrait photographer in Seattle, WA. As a healthy body image and size acceptance advocate, I’m passionate about helping plus-size women develop a healthy body image and see how beautiful they are right this moment, without guilt or shame or endless dieting.

With 15 years of photography experience, a Sweet Amaranth plus-size boudoir or portrait session is the perfect way to get back in touch with your beautiful body.

Join me for a body positive boudoir or portrait photography experience, and love you more.

xoxo, Lindley